PwC Extraordinary Challenges


What does an extraordinary challenge look like?

PwC helps many of the world's largest companies take on enormous, complex challenges – from using big data to fight cancer to helping a domestic airline fly international. To help people understand what PwC can do, we created an immersive, 3D-animated website that brought these extraordinary challenges to life.


The Website

The website brings PwC's capabilities to life using simple, everyday objects that open up to reveal a world of complex and beautiful dioramas. The site lets you explore some of PwC's most complex projects and learn what it took to get the extraordinary done.


Beautifully rendered 3D environments, extensive motion capture animation, and rich, reactive sound design combine to create an experience that is both educational and entertaining. To create the best experience across devices and bandwidths, a team of designers, coders, and animators worked hand-in-hand from start to finish.